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The Difference Between Sobriety & Abstinence

Content Defining Sobriety Donald Trump Donates Part of Salary to Alcoholism Research Getting Comfortable with Sobriety The Difference Between Sobriety & Abstinence It’s generally accepted that many people who practice moderation eventually transition into full abstinence, choosing to move from programs like Moderation Management into Alcoholics Anonymous. Moderation has been heavily criticized because it relies […]

The Last Word: Is Alcohol Use at Any Level Actually Healthy?

Content Helps Your Heart How does alcohol negatively impact long-term health? The Final Word on Alcohol and Your Health New research shows even moderate drinking isn’t good for your health Risks start from the first drop Most parents don’t meet breastfeeding guidelines. Experts say the support system needs to change That helped spread the belief that […]

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome Wikipedia

Content Addiction Treatment Services Signs and symptoms What Is Alcohol Withdrawal? How is alcohol withdrawal syndrome diagnosed? Treatment regimens used in alcohol withdrawal states While each person’s Ativan dosage during alcohol detox will vary, Ativan dosage regimens generally fall into three categories. When someone receives treatment for alcohol withdrawal, they may be given a benzodiazepine medication like […]